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Data services

We offer different types of data services based on your needs. Data partners can choose to:

  • make their data available on the data platform (available for researchers to apply to use in their research project),
  • make their data available for a specific project only (data is not available to researchers, not listed in our datasets and is removed after the project completion), or
  • request a different type of data service (data cleaning, curation, etc.).

Data is only accessed by researchers with approved research projects. To see the process of applying for a research project, see our data access application process.

Options for transfering data to NB-IRDT

Transfer data to the platform

Data partners transfer data under a Data Sharing Agreement to the NB-IRDT platform where it is made available for current and future research. Once transferred, the data can be linked to other platform data for more comprehensive research.

Transfer data for a specific project

The process for transferring data for a single specific project follows the same process of transfer as a standard data transfer except it is protected from any other linkages outside of the specific named project.

  • Data partners transfer data under a Data Sharing Agreement to the NB-IRDT platform where it is linked to a single project.
  • Only the variables required for the project may be transferred.
  • The data is not available for any other current or future research.
  • Once the project is complete, the data is returned to the data partner.

Other data services

Other data services we offer are:

  • compiling, cleaning, documenting and curating data sets
  • developing commonly-used derived variables
  • creating data dictionaries and user guides

Standard agreements

Data transfer agreements: Understand which need to be in place before any data can be transferred to NB-IRDT. We have templated documents, and a data transfer coordinator to help navigate this process with you.


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