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Standard data transfer agreements

Specific agreements need to be in place before any data can be transferred. We have templated documents, and a data transfer coordinator to help navigate this process with you. If any other agreement is needed or recommended the data transfer coordinator will advise you.


Between data partner and UNB (for NB-IRDT)

Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) - An agreement between a data partner and UNB outlining the data sharing relationship between the data partner and NB-IRDT. It includes an Individual Disclosure Schedule, a Privacy Impact Assessment and a Variable list.

Individual Disclosure Schedule (IDS) - Appendix to the DSA, the IDS outlines specific terms and conditions for a dataset. Each dataset requires its own IDS.

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) - Appendix to the IDS, the PIA is an assessment outlining the risks of sharing a dataset. Each dataset requires its own PIA.

Variable List - Appendix to the IDS, the variable list is a complete list of all variables (including any definitions) in the dataset planned for transfer.

Between data partner and NB Department of Health (DH)

In order to transfer data to NB-IRDT additional need to be established between the data partner and GNB DH.

Crosswalk Application - The data partner submits an application to DH requesting the completion of a crosswalk file.

Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) - A data sharing agreement outlining the terms and conditions of data sharing for the crosswalk file creation.