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We are the stewards of one of New Brunswick’s most important resources: our data. Find out why we’re important partners for evidence-informed decision-making in Canada.

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New NB-IRDT Student Research Stream Receives Support from Mitacs and NBHRF

NB-IRDT is proud to be the recipient of a 2022 Mitacs Accelerate grant, which is providing funding from both Mitacs and the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation to support four UNB students as they undertake a new P2P research stream in summer 2022: Sociodemographic and environmental predictors of mental health outcomes, substance use, and self-care behaviours during the COVID-19 pandemic in New Brunswick. Since this project entails a longer and more advanced research term than the typical P2P student stream, we have given it the more colloquial title of “P2P Plus.”

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Survey Results on mental health impacts of COVID-19 in New Brunswick

This research seeks to describe the impacts that specific physical, social, or economic factors are having on the mental health of New Brunswickers overall, as well as for specific subgroups in our communities.

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Digging Deeper into Graduate Retention: International and Domestic Students

The retention of post-secondary graduates is of great importance to New Brunswick, as keeping qualified graduates in the province has the potential to boost the labour market, produce higher returns on investment in post-secondary education, and combat the shrinking and aging of the NB population.

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A Better ‘Shot’ for Health Care in New Brunswick

Vaccines have been dominating news outlets this year, with COVID-19 vaccination rates a topic of great interest and even greater concern. In New Brunswick, COVID vaccines are provided free of charge at pharmacies, joining the yearly flu shot as the only other vaccine pharmacists can provide to New Brunswickers at no personal cost to the recipients.

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