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Incidence of non-traumatic spinal cord disorder in New Brunswick

Category(s): Health
Status: Active
Principal: Sandra Magalhaes
Project Number: P0023
Year Approved: 2018

Project Description

As populations age, there is a corresponding rise in incidence of non-traumatic spinal cord injury, resulting in loss of muscle function and sensation. Since approximately 16% of New Brunswick residents are age 65 or older, the correlation between age and non-traumatic spinal cord (NTSC) disorders has particular relevance for New Brunswick. 

Using administrative health data, Phase 1 of this study aims to create a profile of incidence and discharge disposition among individuals with non-traumatic spinal cord disorders in New Brunswick. In collaboration with Stan Cassidy Center for Rehabilitation, Phase II of the study involves comparing algorithm output to results from chart reviews that identify patients with a non-traumatic spinal cord disorder. The comparison provides additional evidence on the utility of the data screening tool for identifying cases of NTSC disorders. In so doing, it provides an easily implemented tool to assist healthcare decisionmakers in resource allocation now and in the future. 

Knowledge Transfer

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