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Retention and labour market preparation for immigrants in New Brunswick

Category(s): Population Dynamics and Immigration
Status: Closed
Principal: Murshed Chowdhury
Project Number: P0050
Year Approved: 2017

Project Description

New Brunswick has been facing demographic issues caused by an aging population, low birth rates and traditionally high outmigration among youth. In the 2016 Census, New Brunswick reported a 0.5% decline in population growth between 2011 and 2016. Later, the annual demographic estimate suggests a small readjustment of the census number and report a barely positive population growth in NB while Canada maintained a 5.9% increase at the same time. There is a provincial immigrant recruitment policy to address these challenges which is reflected in the recent influx of immigrants in the province. However, due to internal migration of immigrants, this may not be enough to ensure population growth or improved labour market scenarios. 

This study will explore the short- and long-term retention rate of immigrants who arrived under the provincial nominee program and other categories.  Additionally, this project will examine how having job training or various job-related programs are helping the integration and retention of immigrants. The use of such a province specific administrative linked database will enhance our understanding of the factors influencing the integration of different groups of immigrants in NB.