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Characterizing the Older Francophone population in Greater Saint John

Category(s): Population Dynamics and Immigration
Status: Active
Principal: Ted McDonald
Project Number: P0116
Year Approved: 2023

Project Description

There is substantial interest in the experiences and outcomes of older Francophones living in majority English-speaking areas, particularly as second language fluency may decline as individuals age and require additional health and support services. This project extends earlier work for the ARCF and focuses on the subpopulation of elderly and older adults Francophone New Brunswickers living in the Greater Saint John (GSJ) region. These individuals will be compared to older Anglophones living in the GSJ and to Francophones living in predominantly bilingual and/or Francophones urban areas such as Moncton/Dieppe. The project will construct a profile of the older Francophone adult population, defined to be people aged 65+, living in GSJ and New Brunswick using current information and data sets held at NB-IRDT. Specific measures of interest include the health status, health service use, social services usage, household composition, home support, nursing home status, and neighborhood socioeconomic profile of older residents.​