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Long-term effects of a housing first intervention on morbidity, mortality, and health care utilization among homeless adults with mental illness

Category(s): Health
Status: Closed
Principal: Stephen Hwang
Project Number: P0043
Year Approved: 2020

Project Description

Housing First interventions have been proven effective in providing and improving housing stability among individuals experiencing homelessness. This intervention is successful in achieving rapid and sustained exit from homelessness, compared to individuals who received available services in their communities. The effects of this intervention on physical and mental health outcomes as well as alcohol and substance use, however, are limited. Results from observational research conducted in New York City has found that exiting homelessness is associated with lower mortality risk, better health outcomes and well-being. Though some previous randomized studies from Housing First have been conducted on short effects (2 years) in health and well-being outcomes. 

Nonetheless, to our knowledge, this study only examined the long-term effect of Housing First on housing stability and some physical and mental health outcomes, and showed a very limited impact on homeless health conditions.