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Prioritizing targets for workplace mental health intervention using collected administrative data

Category(s): Health
Status: Active
Principal: Ted McDonald
Project Number: P0095
Year Approved: 2022

Project Description

Our research objective is to understand which groups of individuals in New Brunswick workplaces are most likely to be impacted by mental health difficulties and to characterize the burden of mental health on workplaces in NB. This study focuses on workers who have filed mental health claims with WorkSafeNB. There are two ways a psychological condition/mental disorder is accepted in workers’ compensation. First, as a consequence of a physical work injury, and second as a reaction to one or more traumatic incidents at work, or caused by a work-related stressor or series of stressors arising out of and in the course of work. We use linked administrative data available at NB-IRDT to characterize, among NB’s entire population, individuals who have submitted claims for occupational traumatic mental stress injuries and individuals with physical injuries that have also received occupational mental health diagnoses. This study will span an 11-year period before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. This will support the development and improvement of mental health programs and interventions in Canadian organizations. 

The results of this study are expected to inform the design of targeted interventions aimed at supporting mental health in the workplace, and to facilitate the prioritization and efficient use of public and/or private sector resources for these purposes.