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Impact of the Healthy Families Healthy Babies public health program on short-and longer-term outcomes in children and their families in NB

Category(s): Health
Status: Active
Principal: Sandra Magalhaes
Project Number: P0053
Year Approved: 2021

Project Description

This research project will focus on evaluating the health impacts of the public health (PH) initiative Healthy Families Healthy Babies (HFHB). HFHB is delivered through the two Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) in New Brunswick (NB), funded by the Government of New Brunswick (GNB) Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health (OCMOH). The HFHB program offers prenatal services that foster healthy pregnancy and postnatal services which promote the healthy development of children, from birth to two years of age. Among the services included are screening, home visiting, provision of nutritional supplements and referral to resources and other programs. Our research will generate evidence on how HFHB impacts child health and developmental outcomes among NB families – up to the child’s fourth birthday. In 2011 eligibility for the HFHB program changed from targeting all high-risk mothers in NB to only first-time mothers. Our cohort study aims to examine impacts for the current program, therefore baseline will be 2012, restricted to the time after the program changed. 

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