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Trauma-related mortality rates for New Brunswick

Category(s): Health
Status: Closed
Principal: James French
Project Number: P0015
Year Approved: 2018

Project Description

Injury-related deaths have a significant impact in New Brunswick. In 2010, injuries resulted in 6,000+ hospitalizations and 76,000+ emergency room visits, with 420 deaths resulting from traumatic injuries. Estimates of the total cost of injury are upwards of $690 million annually. Evidence-based injury prevention is one key strategy to mitigating some of these impacts, and this report takes advantage of the opportunity to better define and understand trauma mortality in New Brunswick. 
This study is the basis for a program of trauma mortality research that will expand to include patient characteristics and eventually build predictive models of survival for trauma patients in the province. It draws on administrative data and data from the largest single injury register in New Brunswick – the NB Trauma Registry (NBTR) – to characterize trauma injury and mortality burden in New Brunswick. Its first step is to create a basic description of the number of trauma-related deaths recorded in each dataset; to determine more precise estimates of crude and direct age-sex standardized mortality rates; and to understand the possible undercount of mortality in the NBTR. The study also considers where in patients’ care deaths are occurring – pre-hospital, in hospital or post-hospital (and how long after discharge).