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Pure Mathematics

Pure mathematics seek to understand why things are the way they are. Researchers search for patterns and relations between patterns. The abstraction of pure mathematics gives universal solutions to problems with wide applicability.

The pure mathematics group has research strengths in algebra, the study of the fundamental structures of mathematics, analysis, the study of limiting processes and approximation, and non-commutative geometry, which uses methods from algebra and analysis to generalize geometry. Our research in algebra has natural links to theoretical computer science and our research in noncommutative geometry and operator algebras draw much of its motivation from mathematical physics.

Current faculty research

The group currently consists of:

Their specializations include:

  • algebraic combinatorics
  • convex and discrete geometry
  • group theory
  • non-commutative geometry
  • operator algebras
  • partial differential equations

The group also typically hosts several graduate students and two to three postdoctoral researchers.

The group has hosted the Centre for Noncommutative Geometry and Topology and was recently a partner node of an EU Research and Innovation Staff Exchange programme on the New Geometry of Quantum Dynamics. Bahram Rangipour and Nicholas Touikan are current participants of an AARMS Collaborative Research Group on Groups, Rings, Lie and Hopf Algebras.