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Faculty of Science
UNB Fredericton

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Graduate studies in mathematics and statistics

Our graduate program involves active researchers on both UNB campuses.

20 students with research topics in a wide variety of areas are taking our MSc programs by thesis or report as well as our PhD programs.

Here at UNB we specialize in several areas of mathematics:

Pure mathematics

  • algebra
  • combinatorics and discrete geometry
  • computational geometry
  • geometric group theory
  • noncommutative geometry and operator algebras

Mathematical physics

  • general relativity
  • cosmology
  • loop quantum gravity
  • modified gravity
  • scientific computation

Dynamical systems and mathematical biology

  • mathematical ecology and epidemiology
  • biological invasions
  • nonlinear differential and delay--differential equations


  • random effects models
  • mixture models
  • longitudinal analysis
  • validation of complex models for random patterns
  • data science