Gravity Group 

Einstein's general theory of relativity is a well-tested theory of gravitation with wide applications. These span a remarkable range from the Big Bang Model of the Universe to accurate GPS location on EarthQuantum gravity is a research area in which the goal is to obtain a unified theory that combines general relativity and quantum theory. The great challenge stems from the fact that these two theories, as presently understood, have very different conceptual foundations. Therefore research in this area involves exploring new mathematical and physical ideas.

Cosmology is the study of the universe as a whole: how it started, how it evolves and how it will end.  It provides the ideal testing ground for theories of quantum gravity because quantum phenomena in the early universe have observable effects today. 

Current faculty research

The department has three faculty specializing in this field (Jack Gegenberg, Viqar Husain, and Sanjeev Seahra). The UNB group is one of the largest and most research active in Canada, with typically five MSc and PhD students, and two post-doctoral fellows.  The group has strong ties to the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, where all three faculty are Research Affiliates.  Also, each professor is a member of the AARMS Collaborative Research Group on the Mathematical and Physical Aspects of Black Holes.  

More information about gravitational research at UNB can be found from the group's webpage.