Vlad Tasic



Mathematics and Statistics

Tilley Hall 421A


1 506 458 7345

Research interests

I was trained as an algebraist (groups, Lie algebras) but my research interests are interdisciplinary and have to do with the question of how mathematics relates to contemporary philosophy. The book Mathematics and The Roots of Postmodern Thought has appeared in English, Serbian, Spanish and Chinese editions.

In recent years I have been studying the role of mathematics in the work of the French philosopher Alian Badiou, who has argued that mathematics, along with politics, art, and love, is one of the four conditions of philosophy. A small part of my study of Badiou appeared recently as "Mathematics and Revolutionary Theory".

I am also interested in foundational questions. In Brouwer and Weyl Revisited: proposals for a noncommutative continuum, I discuss a model of the continuum as a C* dynamical system, based on the ideas of Brouwer and Weyl.

Lately I have been teaching Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, History of Mathematics, Introduction to Mathematical Logic, and first year math for business students.

I have also published books that have nothing to do with math; some have been translated into French and German.