Internship / Coop / IEC / Research

Internships and practicums

Travel and volunteer in various thematic areas or geographical destinations with our internship and practicum placements.

You will develop new skills, increase your professional networks and explore career possibilities in Canada and around the world.

The current programs include:


Eligibility requirements vary by program, but all students must be full-time, senior, UNB students.

Reach your full potential

Our program encourages critical and creative thinking inside and outside the classroom.

We provide you with the opportunity to:

  • take calculated risks
  • contribute to positive changes
  • harness innovation at school, in your home community and abroad


You will be exposed to different cultures and socio-economic systems, which will help you to develop innovative ways of thinking. These internships are a unique opportunity to take part in professional and personal development activities and experiences.

Real and relevant projects in your fields of study

Build skills, knowledge and experience. An international internship is a unique competitive advantage after graduating, in Canada and abroad!

Co-op and work abroad (IEC) programs

Co-op and work abroad programs allow you to apply the theory you’re learning in the classroom to real work situations – and get paid! These programs means you graduate with a degree and work experience in your field of study.

The Global Team works with UNB’s co-op programs to add and international placement to their programs.

We help facilitate international work permits for students aged 18-30 in 34 countries with bi-lateral agreements with Canada through the International Experience Canada Program.

International Experience Canada Program (IEC)

UNB is a recognized organization under the International Experience Canada Program. We work with both UNB students and foreign nationals to secure work permits in Europe, Asia and Australia/New Zealand.

The IEC program offers three streams of work permits:

  1. Working/holiday and open work permit: Allows you to work in a variety of positions and explore some of the most beautiful locations in the world.
  2. Co-op work permit: Allows you to work abroad as part of your academic program.
  3. Young professionals and employer specific work permits: Allows you to extend your work permit for an additional 12 months in a foreign country, working for a specific employer.

This program is open to all UNB students and alumni, between the ages of 18-30. It can be used as a gap year, research or extended exchange placement or volunteering abroad.

You can choose one of three categories:

  • working holiday
  • young professional
  • international co-op (internship)

This is the opportunity of a lifetime! You will:

  • experience different cultures
  • learn new languages
  • meet people from all walks of life

Securing a work permit can take some time. If you are thinking about working abroad, you should begin your work permit application six months prior to your expected arrival.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the program and the application process.

My world abroad

“Some people feel nervous or overwhelmed about the idea of living and working in another country, but it's actually less frightening than you think. So if you are interested, just go for it!” - Alysha-Rae, Internship #IECGermany

To help with the process, the we provide subscriptions to My World Abroad to any student with a UNB ID. This site provides all the information you need to start looking for international employment.

International research

Many of our academic partners, also offer self-funded research placements. Students can access the Travel Bursary, but funding is limited. This experience can be incorporated into their faculty’s co-op program or under an independent study course. See your academic advisors to discuss this possibility.


Most research placements are not funded. To help offset some costs, you can access the UNB travel bursary. You should also consider an application to the Mitacs Program.

Mitac Globalink Research Award: This $6,000 award supports senior undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in order to conduct 12 to 24 weeks of research projects at universities overseas.

UNB’s supervisors are not responsible for this process. We encourage you to consult a UNB faculty member before submitting an application.

Mitacs Accelerate Program: This program provides up to $15,000 for projects development by a student, supervising professor and partner organization who have developed an approved research project. The projects are eligible to receive $15,000 in funding for each four-month internship.