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Undergraduate field experiences

Great educators start here

Get more hands-on experience with our embedded practicum which provides you with the opportunity to be in your school placement early and often.

Forms and documents

Familiarize yourself with different forms and documents such as:

Teach internationally

Complete a practicum block in either Colombia, St. Lucia or the U.K.!

This opportunity allows you to see another country, compare schooling in that country with your experience here in New Brunswick and also learn a great deal about yourself as a teacher!

Student abroad bursaries are available to those who are eligible to assist with expenses.

No matter which country you choose, the opportunities provided will be amazing.

Adult education practicum

Students in the B.Ed in adult education also require a field experience. A minimum of a 3 credit hour practicum is required, but a 6 credit hour is also available.

Contact the field services office to organize this practicum. 

FNTEP practicum

The Bachelor of Education for First Nations students also requires a 18-week practicum. Students enrolled in FNTEP should contact field services by the end of May in order to arrange a practicum for the following academic year.

Contact field services

Kim Landine, director
Room 327, Marshall d'Avray Hall
Phone: 506-453-3508
Fax: 506-458-7157