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Travel abroad while you earn credits at home!

Do you want to take biology classes in Australia as you walk in Charles Darwin’s footsteps? Write your homework at Hemingway’s favorite café in Paris? Complete an internship in health sciences in Malawi?

Prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime!

We offer different exciting opportunities abroad for all UNB students.

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Real student experiences

Kelsey goes to Ireland

Be open to it, there are a lot of challenges when going abroad but it is worth it, you will regret it if you don’t. You’re not alone when you get to your destination country. Don’t be scared and just try it!

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Kalen goes to Ecuador

Go somewhere new and interesting. Branch out. I would definitely recommend going to a place where you get the opportunity to learn a new language, or at least practice a language that you know but isn’t your first language.

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Michael goes to England

Go abroad. Don’t take only easy courses. I took some of my difficult required courses abroad and did not have to worry about them bring down my GPA or hurting my scholarships. Challenge yourself.

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Ashley goes to France

This experience is about building relationships with others from outside of your own world and getting to experience a new culture. Be confident, open-minded and optimistic, and embrace every moment!

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