Before you leave

Pre-departure sessions

We offer mandatory pre-departure sessions and an online course to help you plan for the time you will spend abroad. You will also learn how to stay safe and healthy outside Canada, the steps to obtain emergency assistance and how to book plane tickets.

Step 1: Research

Go online and research potential host institutions. Make sure they suit your academic needs. Look for their:

  • course offerings
  • academic terms
  • accommodations
  • other travel considerations

You should also contact your academic advisor. They can help!

Step 2: Apply to the Student Abroad Program

Apply by Dec. 1 or April 1. Preference is given to those who submit their applications by the first deadline. Others will be considered for placement best on the remaining spaces available with our partners.

Step 3: Secure exchange placement

We will inform you by email of your placement once you are accepted in the program. This is not a guarantee of your exchange. You will also need to apply to the host institution separately where you must be accepted based on their entrance requirements.

Step 4: Prepare for your departure

The semester before the exchange will build up to your departure. You will:

  • complete a mandatory online course
  • complete pre-departure forms (insurance, off-campus study, etc.)
  • make travel and living arrangements
  • order the necessary documents required in your host country
  • make financial arrangements

Step 5: Seize the day, saisissez le jour, aprovecha el día

Once you’re abroad, reach out to your family and friends. They will be happy to know you’ve arrived at your destination!

You should send your confirmation of arrival form to our student abroad coordinator within one week of your arrival.

Once you’re abroad, you’re a UNB ambassador! Enjoy your time abroad and make the most out of it!

Before you come back to UNB, don’t forget to check with your host institution to make sure that your final transcript is forwarded to UNB to your credits can be transferred.

Help with languages

Local language knowledge can be useful even if you take your courses abroad in English. We can guide you to helpful online resources.


Before you leave on your adventure, you need to:

  • apply to the host institution
  • apply for a student permit or visa if required. (Your host school/organization may advise on specific requirements or research destination websites.)
  • apply for your accommodation
  • research courses abroad
  • meet with the academic advisor for credit transfer assessment and to complete your UNB off-campus study form. (This ensures you take appropriate steps to arrange your academic transfer credits prior to departing.)
  • research and purchase international health insurance
  • obtain necessary vaccinations
  • notify Medicare that you will be studying overseas
  • prepare your bank access and your budget
  • register for your UNB courses as per normal in case you must cancel your international experience. (You can cancel your UNB courses just before departure.)