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Faculty of Science Graduate Funding

Graduate student funding is at the discretion of the supervisor, not all students are funded, or funded the same. To inquire if funding is available, contact your Supervisor.

Departmental funding is composed of three main sources of funding:

  • Graduate Research Award (GRA) provided by the dept
  • Graduate Academic Award (GAA) provided by the supervisor
  • Graduate Student Teaching Assistantship (GSTA) employment income for TA’ing

The GRA and GAA contributions will vary by term/year.  There is generally no TA’ing in Summer.

There are 26 pays per year: one term has 8 pays, the other two have 9.   Funding is submitted by term: Fall/Winter/Summer.   Tuition depends on whether you are Canadian/International; Full-time/Part-time; New/Continuing.   UNB Graduate tuition.

Although attempts are made to keep bi-weekly payments comparable, there will be some variance especially between terms as one terms funding ends and the next begins.   For example, GSTA funding is paid out over 8 pays, if the term has 9 pays there will be no TA funding on the first pay of the term.

If students have not completed their 6997/6998 thesis (or 6996 report) registration for the term, Financial Services will place the funding on hold, resulting in a significant delay in pay. See the Registration guide.  Don't miss the deadlines for registration and tuition payments each term on SGS's Important Academic Dates.

Ensure that People & Culture have up-to-date documentation (e.g. banking information; 2 tax forms; Study Permit).  Instructions included on the New Student To Do list.

To ensure timely pay, it is important that all required documentation is received in a timely fashion. Keep in mind that signed funding forms must be submitted to the Office of Research Services (ORS) for approval; forwarded to Financial Services (FS) for tuition deduction, and finally sent to People & Culture (P&C, previously Human Resources) for final processing.  All paperwork must reach People & Culture at least 2 weeks before a pay run.

GSTA and GSRA funding is employment income, tax is deducted and funding is paid directly to the student, no tuition can be deducted from employment income.

Payroll cut-off dates can be found here.

It's the students responsibility to ensure their fees are paid/payments set up by the deadline each term.  Students paid directly to their bank accounts, without having tuition deducted (example: Accelerated MSc funding), should contact FS to set up tuition payments.

Students can review tuition charges on their Tuition & Fee Statement; the Earning Statement breaks down bi-weekly pays, see MyUNB Services & Information for Students.

Stipend History breaks down GRA/GAA/GSTA funding, see Colleague Self-Service.

Finally, SGS offers a variety of scholarships that students/Supervisors can apply for.  Many scholarships are applied directly to your UNB student account as lump sums, email for a refund or leave it to offset your tuition.