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Current students

The School of Graduate Studies is UNB’s primary resource for graduate students for important dates, deadlines, scholarships and awards, thesis regulations and more.

Graduate mailing list

The GGGRADS mailing list is used to distribute information to all GGE graduate students. To subscribe to the list, send the following message to

SUB GGGRADS your name


Policies and regulations

Technical support

Administrative support

GGE Graduate Student Society (GGE-GSS)

The GGE-GSS is made up of all graduate students in GGE. Its purpose is to serve the interests — intellectual, educational, and social — of its members. Every year, an executive committee is elected to represent the GGEGSS at UNB's Graduate Student Association council; to act as liaisons between faculty, staff and students; and to organize activities to bring students together.


For new students

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