Graduate regulations

Degree requirements, regulations, standards and procedures

The authority for approving, implementing and maintaining regulations, standards and procedures lies with the School of Graduate Studies overseen by the Senate. Regulations are subject to periodic revision. Students are therefore advised to consult the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) website regularly, and to confer with the Director of Graduate Studies (DoGS) for their Graduate Academic Unit (GAU), to keep abreast of changes. If there is a discrepancy between the SGS Regulations and the regulations of the specific GAU, the Dean of Graduate Studies will have sole discretion to resolve the discrepancy.

1. Terms and Definitions 10. Review of Grades
2. Degrees and Diplomas Offered 11. Petition for Relief from Grade Related Regulations
3. Application Procedures 12. Repeating Courses
4. Admissions 13. Academic Appeals
5. Registration Processes and Regulations 14. Petition for Relief - General
6. General Postgraduate Degree Regulations 15. Academic Offences
7. General Regulations for Research-Based Degrees 16. Senate Review
8. Master's Degree Regulations 17. General Regulations on Conduct
9. PhD Regulations 18. Confidentiality, Security and Release of Student Academic Records