Inside Graduate Studies

UNB Fredericton Campus in the fall

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Fredericton campus

Graduate Program OfficersDepartments & Responsibilities                                                                                 

Janet Amirault

Special Projects and Administrative Support

Gloria Hache

Faculties of Science, Computer Science

Andrea Guevara

Faculty of Arts; Interdisciplinary Studies

Lynn Lawson

Faculties of Education, Nursing, Management

Alyssa Quartermain

Forestry & Environmental Management, Kinesiology

Janice Wellwood

Faculty of Engineering

Kyle Hampsey

Scholarships and Awards, Communications, Student Development

Jacqueline Seely

Administrative Coordinator & Assistant to the Dean

Deans                           Responsibilities

Dr. Drew Rendall


Dr. Kevin Englehart

Associate Dean - Sciences & Engineering

Dr. Mary McKenna

Assistant Dean - Interdisciplinary Studies

Dr. Sasha Mullally

Associate Dean - Arts, Kinesiology, Nursing, Education and Business

Saint John campus

Administrative StaffResponsibilities

Susan Wilson

Admissions and Student Records


Dr. James Kieffer

Associate Dean - UNB Saint John