11. Petition for relief from grade-related regulations

Students have the right to appeal for an exemption from a University grade-related regulation, or from the effect of an academic grade-related decision, on the basis of compassionate, health related or other extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control.

(a) Student(s) should clearly state the grounds for such an appeal.  It is the student(s)’ responsibility to provide documentation which demonstrates that such circumstances reasonably have had a direct impact on the final grade that has resulted in the application of the grade-related regulation or the academic grade-related decision.

(b) Such appeals must be submitted within 4 weeks after the date of the decision of the Committee by notice in writing to the Registrar.

In all cases involving an appeal for exemption from the application of a University grade-related regulation or from the effect of an academic grade related decision: 

(a) The Registrar shall refer the appeal of Fredericton Campus student(s) to the Senate Student Standings and Promotions Committee; on the Saint John Campus, the appeal will be referred to the Student Appeals Committee.

(b) The Registrar shall give notice to the student(s), or the person acting on the

student’s behalf, of the time and place of the appeal hearing and shall give access to the student(s) or the person acting on the student(s)’ behalf to all materials relevant to the appeal.

(c) The Registrar shall give notice to the instructor, Chair of the Department and Dean of the Faculty concerned of the time and place of the appeal hearing and request any written materials to the appeal be filed with the committee in a manner such that the right of access provided for in subparagraph (ii) shall be facilitated.

The relevant Appeals Committee shall hear and determine the matter.  The decision of the Committee shall be final, shall be provided to the student(s) in writing, with reasons, and no right of appeal exists to the same Appeals Committee from this decision.  The relevant appeals committee shall use the same procedures on an appeal for exemption under this Article 11, as are set out in Article 10.D(h).