14. Petition for relief - General

Students may petition the Dean of Graduate Studies for an exemption from a University regulation, or for relief from the effect of an academic decision which would otherwise be subject to an appeal pursuant to Article 13 of this regulation, due to compassionate, health related or other extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student(s).  It is the student(s)' responsibility to provide documentation which demonstrates that such circumstances reasonably have had a direct impact upon the academic performance of the student(s).  Upon receipt of a petition from a student(s), in writing, by the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies, the Dean shall have the sole and only discretion to grant such exemption or relief, and such discretionary decision is not subject to appeal.  

The Dean of Graduate Studies may consider only one petition with respect to any academic appeal from a student(s).  The Dean will not consider a petition if an appeal has been referred to the Settlement Process, is currently before, or is scheduled to go before, the appeal subcommittee of the Executive Committee of the School of Graduate Studies, or if the appeal is currently before, or is scheduled to go before, the Senate Review Committee. 

The Dean of Graduate Studies will not consider a petition once the appeal process has been completed, save and except for matters where new evidence has become available to the student(s) of which the student(s) was unaware at the time of the original appeal subcommittee hearing or the original Senate Review Committee hearing, through no fault of the student(s), and where the petition of the student(s) contains a written summary of such new evidence.

The Dean of Graduate Studies, in all cases, and when in the process of taking a decision on whether or not to grant a petition, may, but is not obligated to, consult with others in reaching a decision on said petition.