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Mapping out your future

Geodesy and geomatics engineers map the ocean floor, create 3D models and develop and test navigation systems to better understand the Earth. Our program features hands-on learning opportunities in geomatics and surveying.

World-class education and research

We are one of only three certified geomatics programs in Canada. With a 100 per cent employment rate, students in our programs can expect an exciting and fulfilling career following graduation.

Inside GGE

GGE remote learning initiative will help address shortage of land surveyors

To address a growing deficiency of land surveyors and qualified geomatics professionals unable to meet surging demand, the department of geodesy and geomatics engineering (GGE) at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) has created GGE Remote, a remote learning solution.

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UNB’s leadership in ocean surveying takes students on Coast Guard icebreaker in the Arctic

Master’s candidate Graham Christie (D-TME'21, BScE'22) spent a month in the Arctic last year on the CCGS Amundsen. As part of his placement, he operated the Canadian Coast Guard vessels sonars and supported other scientists mapping the ocean floor.

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UNB geodesy group ends half-century long scientific debate

For years, the International Association of Geodesy has struggled to agree on whether to use geoid or quasi-geoid to represent the mean sea level on land where the separation between the two surfaces is as large as four meters.

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Professor Emeritus Angus Hamilton looks back on his time at UNB as he turns 100

For fourteen years, Angus Hamilton leadership became crucial to building and sustaining the international acclaim of the department, which attracted amazing students, faculty and research associates who fundamentally changed the world of surveying and mapping, geomatics and geodesy.

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Co-op works for students

Co-op is a critical part of your academic degree. By joining the Engineering Co-op Program, you can gain experience in your chosen field, practice your technical & interpersonal skills, build your network, and earn income to offset the cost of school.