Graduate student employment

Giving a lecture

Graduate students in a thesis-based program, or those studying in a course-based program on a full-time basis (ie., registered in 3 or more courses per term), may engage in additional employment for up to 520 hours annually, which translates to an average of 10-hours per week across the year. This guideline applies to all forms of employment outlined below and any combination of them.

Job opportunities are circulated through email to our graduate listserv. Questions regarding policies or processes for graduate student employment should be directed to Human Resources or the School of Graduate Studies.

GSTA – Graduate student teaching assistantships 

GSTA appointments are governed by a Collective Agreement between the University and PSAC-UGSW (Local 60550).

Students should be setup with employment income specific to GSTA appointments using Appendix B1 of the Collective Agreement.

GSTA appointments should not exceed an average of 10 hours per week. If a full-time graduate student has more than one GSTA appointment, or a combination of GSTA(s) and GSRA(s), the total number of employment hours should not exceed the 10 hour weekly average.

Looking to hire a student? Complete the Authorization for Payment of GSTA and GSRA form, and send to the School of Graduate Studies.

GSRA – Graduate student research assistantships

GSRA appointments are governed by the same Collective Agreement between the University and PSAC-UGSW (Local 60550).

Once again, student should be setup with employment income specific to GSRA appointments using Appendix B2 of the Collective Agreement.

GSRA appointments are intended for graduate student employment where being a graduate student is a condition of employment. Minimum pay rates and average weekly work guidelines are the same as those that apply to GSTA appointments.

Unfamiliar with the process for completing and posting a GSTA/GSRA position?

  • Step 1: Download and complete the relevant employment form: Appendix B1 (GSTA) or Appendix B2 (GSRA)
  • Step 2: Provide original of the form to the student, retain copies for the Employment Supervisor and the GAU Secretary, and forward a scanned (electronic) copy to the SGS (to the relevant Graduate Program Officer), and to the UGSW (
  • Step 3: If a position is to be advertised to students, develop a description of the position including the employment supervisor (if known), the required number of hours, the term of employment, and to whom the application must be submitted. Also include the following boilerplate information from Article 13.14 of the Collective Agreement. “This position is covered by the Collective Agreement negotiated between PSAC, on behalf of the Union of Graduate Student Workers (UGSW) Local 60550, and UNB. The University of New Brunswick and the Public Service Alliance of Canada are committed to Employment Equity."
  • Step 4: Email this posting to HR (Nicole Cassidy), the SGS (Jacqueline Seely) and the UGSW. HR will add the posting to the Job Opportunities website and the SGS will circulated it to all graduate students.

Looking to hire a student? Complete the Authorization for Payment of GSTA and GSRA form, and send to the School of Graduate Studies.


Graduate students may be engaged to teach on stipend and are then covered under the Collective agreement on Contract Academic Employees. Potential employers should consult the agreement for details regarding students teaching on teaching apprenticeships. Teaching on stipend has a deemed number of hours. Graduate students teaching on stipend may not hold a GSTA appointment at the same time.

Students being recommended for stipend teaching need to complete the form Part-time Employment of Graduate Students. The form must be completed and signed by all parties: Graduate Student, Supervisor, and Director of Graduate Studies, and submitted with their application to the posting department. Should the student be offered the position, the GAU will forward the submitted Part-time Employment of Graduate Students form to SGS for final approval before the contract can be formally offered.

If a GAU receives permission from the Assistant Vice-President (Academic) to waive the requirement to advertise a position and appoint under 18A.01(f) of the CAE(PT) Collective Agreement (Urgent Appointments), the GAU must also forward a copy of that permission to the SGS with the employment request.

Note: The Part-time Employment form & supporting documentation should be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the term in which the student is teaching to allow sufficient time for review and, if not approved, arrangements for an alternate instructor. If approved, the original Part-time Employment form will be returned to the Faculty or Department so that they can send the Part-time Employment form with the stipend contract to Human Resources for processing.

Looking for more details on hiring a grad student as a CAE instructor? Check out the recommended process on the Human Resources website.

Work study, campus police, libraries, etc.

Pay rates for employment, where being a graduate student is not required, may be less than pay rates for  GSTA and GSRA appointments. However, these positions are subject to the same average weekly limit (10-hours) that must take account of any simultaneous employment as a GSTA, GSRA or both.