International Student Advisor's Office

Whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate student, coming to UNB to learn English, taking a certificate program, or as an exchange student, we will provide you with helpful information as you take the next steps towards starting your studies at UNB.

Informational and support services

To help you settle in at UNB and learn about Canadian culture, you have access to pre-arrival virtual sessions, virtual group sessions, in-person workshops and individual advising from our staff.

You have access to individual and group sessions (in-person and virtual) to help with your immigration questions and to provide you with up-to-date and relevant immigration policies and programs.

UNB has many support systems in place to help you in your journey towards graduation. As a newly accepted student, you likely are not yet aware of all of our services or how to contact and use them. Know that you can always start by contacting the ISAO office with any questions and we will direct you to the correct department or person.

  • Mentorship and help with community integration
  • Advocacy on behalf of UNB's international student population
  • Emergency bursary support

Connect with us

The ISAO is also involved with mentorship, community integration, international student advocacy, emergency bursary support as well as organization of cultural celebratory events and social events that provide opportunities to interact with other students and connections in your local New Brunswick communities.

You may be looking for information that other UNB departments can help with:

  • UNB Admissions provides answers to many to of your admissions questions. We cannot provide updates about your application status.
  • For questions concerning your studies, contact your faculty or academic department for assistance.
  • Contact the International Recruitment Centre (for undergraduate students), or the School of Graduate Studies for questions about becoming a UNB student. 

Learn more about the International Student Advisor's Office

You can learn more details about our services by visiting our intranet site. (login credentials needed. If you have not yet activated your UNB account, please do so in order to access this information)

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