Labour relations

The University of New Brunswick negotiates collective agreements with four unions – AUNBT, Unifor, CUPE and PSAC – that represent employees in eight separate groups. As an employer, the university is committed to achieving agreements that are fair, reasonable and that will strengthen our university for the benefit of students.

UNB collective bargaining philosophy

UNB will approach collective bargaining with the objective of furthering the achievement of its strategic plan while reflecting UNB stated values. Our bargaining positions will be designed to develop or maintain a working environment that is both supportive and positive for our employees, creates exceptional student experiences, and is fiscally sound and responsible in order to build a better university and a better province.

UNB will establish appropriate collective bargaining teams that have clear mandates and that will bargain in good faith. It is expected that the bargaining teams will approach their activities using an evidence-based approach, being respectful to employees and their respective bargaining teams.

The university will focus on the working environment, long-term sustainability and reflect the economic climate and fiscal realities in collective bargaining.

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Collective agreements