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Our faculty are world-class researchers and celebrated professors. We provide expertise on issues of gender, sexuality, intersectionality, social justice and human rights from twelve different departments in the Faculty of Arts.

Name Department
Jennifer Andrews English
Mira Bachvarova Renaissance College
Casey Burkholder Education
Sandra Byers Psychology
Christa Canitz English
Wendy Churchill History
Lauren Cruikshank Culture and Media Studies
Tia Dafnos Sociology
Elizabeth Effinger English
Nadia Francavilla Culture and Media Studies
Triny Finlay English
Sue Fisher Harriet Irving Library
Carmen Gill Sociology/MMFC
Anna Hamling Culture and Media Studies
Suzanne Hindmarch Political Science
Cathy Holtmann Sociology/MMFC
Bonnie Huskins History
Stefanie Hunt-Kennedy History
Sean Kennedy History
Sophie Lavoie Culture and Media Studies
Sabine Lebel Culture and Media Studies
Carolyn MacDonald Classics
Koumari Mitra Anthropology
Erin Morton History
Sasha Mullally History
Carmen Poulin Psychology
Edith Snook English
Luc Thériault Sociology
Lisa Todd History
Joanne Wright Political Science