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Programs in Gender and Women's Studies

Admission to introductory courses is open to all students in all faculties and all years.

Students in any faculty may select a minor in GWS. Only students in the Faculty of Arts may take the double major or joint honours in GWS.

Students declare their major or apply for admission to the honours program after completing 45 credit hours.

Gender & Women’s Studies offers three interdisciplinary options, all of which are flexible and pair well with other academic programs:

Minor (24 ch)

  • GWS 1003 or GWS 2003
  • GWS 4004
  • 18 ch of GWS course courses

Double major (30 ch)

  • GWS 1003 or GWS 2003
  • GWS 4004
  • 24 ch of GWS course courses

Joint honours (36 ch)

  • GWS 1003 or GWS 2003
  • GWS 4004
  • GWS 4900 or 6ch core courses
  • 18 ch of GWS courses

For more information, contact the GWS Academic Advisor and see the list of required and core courses and the program advising form.