Gender and Women's Studies

NOTE: See the beginning of Section H for abbreviations, course numbers and coding.

Required Courses

GWS1003Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies I 3 ch [W]
This general interest course provides an introduction to the study of gender and women’s equality and examines how current social, political, and economic realities intersect to structure gender relations. Topics may include gender, gender as a spectrum, gender-based and diversity analysis, gendered violence, feminism, hegemonic masculinity, missing and murdered Indigenous women, patriarchy, pay equity, rape culture, sexism, sexual assault, sexualities, stereotyping, the third wave women’s movement, trans issues, unpaid work, the wage gap, women in politics, and work-life balance.
GWS2003Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies II3 ch [W]

This entry-level course, which is recommended for both first-and second-year students, explores the study of gender and women’s equality issues with particular focus on women’s activism from the 19th century to the present. It also examines the diverse theoretical approaches within feminist scholarship to outline broad terms of debate, and investigates specific feminist arguments in regard to written and visual representations and explores various socio-political issues. Topics covered will be viewed through multiple lenses (race, class, gender, sexual orientation) with a primary focus on sexual and reproductive health, paid and unpaid labour, political institutions and the status of women, the wage gap and female poverty, violence and family relations.

GWS4004Seminar in Gender and Women's Studies3 ch [W]

Critically examines the assumptions underlying existing disciplines as they relate to the study of women and men, and explores new theoretical and methodological perspectives for studying the gender-based aspects of society.

Prerequisite: GWS 1003 or GWS 2003

GWS4900Honours Thesis in Gender and Women's Studies6 ch

Involves directed reading and research leading to an Honours thesis on a topic in Gender and Women's Studies. Students will consult with the Coordinator in finding a suitable topic and thesis supervisor. 

Prerequisites: Either GWS 1003 or GWS 2003 and GWS 4004