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Lisa Todd

Associate Professor, Chair


Tilley Hall 116

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Lisa Todd teaches and supervises in the fields of Modern Germany, European History, Gender and Sexuality, and War and Society. She holds a Ph.D. in History from the University of Toronto (2005), an MA in Modern History from Royal Holloway College, University of London (1998) and a BA (History Honours, Comparative Literature Major, German Minor) from the University of New Brunswick (1997). Dr. Todd is the Chair of the Department of History, a member of the Gregg Centre for the Study of War Society and is the Director of the Network for the Study of Civilians, Soldiers and Society

Dr. Todd’s first book, Sexual Treason in Germany during the First World War (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2017), examines sexual relationships between soldiers and civilians in Germany and Occupied Europe, 1914-1920. It was a finalist for both the Canadian Historical Association’s Wallace K. Ferguson Prize and the Waterloo Centre for German Studies Book Prize. Her current SSHRC-funded research project, “Racial Citizenship:  Miscegenation, Scientific Authority, and the Creation of Intimate ‘Others’ in Modern Germany, 1880-1950” examines the anthropological interest in “mixed race” sexual relationships, from the colonial period in southern Africa, to the end of the Third Reich.

Dr. Todd is the recipient of a UNB Merit Award, the 2016 UNB Student Union Teaching Excellence Award, and the 2010 UNB Faculty of Arts Excellence in Teaching Award, Part-Time.


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With Cindy Brown. Eds. A Cultural History of War in the Modern Period, 1920-2000 (London: Bloomsbury Academic Press, in progress).

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“‘Dishonorable’ Women and ‘Foreign’ Men: Illicit Sexuality as Challenge to the German Volksgemeinschaft, 1914-1918.” In Consorting with the Enemy: Prisoners of War, Sexuality, and Local Women in the World Wars. Eds. Matthias Reiss and Brian Feltman (London: Palgrave-Macmillan, in progress).

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“The Soldier’s Wife Who Ran Away with the Russian: Sexual Infidelities in World War I Germany,” Central European History, Vol. 44, no. 2 (2011): 257-278

Dr. Todd has published book reviews in European History Quarterly, the Canadian Journal of History, German History, Journal of the History of Sexuality, the Canadian Historical Review, H-France Review and the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Conference presentations

“The Dangers of ‘Racial Mixture’: Eugen Fischer, the Rehoboth Basters, and Studying Difference in German Southwest Africa, 1907-1913.” Presented as part of the panel “Everyday Practices of ‘Race’: Creating and Disputing Hierarchies of Difference in Germany and Southwest Africa, 1900-1940,” at the German Studies Association Forty-First Annual Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, 5-8 October 2017.

“Purifying the Blood: Women Academics in the Nazi Killing Machine, 1937-1945.” Presented as part of the panel “Vulnerability or Complicity? Women and State Policies in War, Genocide, and Peace, 1930s-1960s,” at the Canadian Historical Association Annual Meeting, Ryerson University, May 31-June 3, 2017.

“A Degeneration of the Higher Race: Anthropological Investigations of ‘Miscegenation’ in German Southwest Africa, 1908-1913.” Presented at the conference Race, Sex, and Reproduction in the Global South, c.1800-2000, at the Centre for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in the Global South and the Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science, The University of Sydney, 18-19 April 2017.

Seminar Participant, “Writing Histories of Germans Abroad. Approaches and Methodologies to German Sources on the Global South,” at the German Studies Association Fortieth Annual Conference, San Diego, California, September 29th - October 2nd, 2016.

“Sexual Abstinence is Every Soldier’s Duty! Prostitution, Disease and Nationalism in First World War Germany.” Presented as part of the panel Damage Control: The History of Sexually Transmitted Infections in Germany and Canada 1914-1975 / Limiter les dommages: l’histoire des infections transmises sexuellement en Allemagne et au Canada, 1914-1975 at the Canadian Historical Association Annual Meeting, University of Ottawa, May 31-June 3, 2015.

“The Inner Enemy of Sexual Promiscuity: Controlling Soldier-Civilian Encounters in First World War Europe.” The Great War’s Shadow: New Perspectives on the First World War. Calgary and Lake Louise, Alberta, September 25-28, 2014.

“Disease, Depravity and Moral Decay: Sexual Promiscuity in World War I Germany.” Perspectives on the Great War. World War One International Conference at Queen Mary, University of London [UK], August 1-4, 2014.

“An Enemy Lurking Behind the Front: Sexual Encounters between Germans and “Foreigners,” 1914–1918.” German Studies Association Thirty-Seventh Annual Conference, Denver, CO, October 3-6, 2013.

“On the “Press Pillory”: The Public Shaming of Adulterous Women in German Newspapers, 1914-1918.” PopSex: Media and Sexuality in Germany in the Early 20th Century at the University of Calgary and the Alberta College of Art and Design, January 6-9, 2011.

“Beware the Colored Menace”: Black Men and Sexual Danger in the Occupied Rhineland, 1918-1923.” German Studies Association Thirty-Fourth Annual Conference, Oakland, California, October 4-7, 2010.

“Transnational Intimacies? Sexual Encounters in the Occupied Rhineland, 1919-1923.” German Studies Association Thirty-Third Annual Conference, Washington, D.C., October 8-11, 2009.

“Almost All Loose Women Are Infected: Combating Sexual Promiscuity in World War I Germany.” Sex in the Cities: Prostitution, White Slaving, and Sexual Minorities in Eastern and Central Europe at the Centre for the Urban History of East Central Europe, Lviv, Ukraine, June 14-17, 2009.

Disease, Depravity and Moral Decay: The Campaign to Combat Prostitution in World War I Germany.” National World War I Museum, Kansas City, Missouri, February 2009.


  • HIST 1001: Past into Present (Module: Race, Sex and Empire)
  • HIST 2103: Modern Europe, Part 1: 1789-1914
  • HIST 2104: Modern Europe, Part 2: 1914 to the Present
  • HIST 3025: History and Sexuality – Europe and the World
  • HIST 3085: Modern Germany, Part 1: 1871-1945
  • HIST 3095: Modern Germany, Part 2: 1945 to the Present
  • HIST 4012: Home Fronts at War: Europe 1914-1918
  • HIST 4013: The Holocaust: Victims, Perpetrators, and Bystanders
  • HIST 5007: Gender and Sexuality in 20th Century Europe (Honours Seminar)
  • HIST 5035: The Holocaust (Honours Seminar)
  • HIST 6025: Themes in Modern European History (Graduate Seminar)
  • HIST 6925: Thinking History (Graduate Seminar)