Lauren Cruikshank

Associate Professor


Culture and Media Studies

Marshall d'Avray Hall 238

1 506 447 3322

Lauren Cruikshank teaches a range of courses in media studies, digital culture, game studies, popular culture, cultural studies, and gender studies. She has been active in the evolving disciplines of New Media Studies and Game Studies for over a decade and has shared her work on avatars, embodiment, gender and games in a variety of publications and invited presentations at local, national and international conferences, including as one of six speakers chosen for New Brunswick’s first TEDx event in 2012.

Some of her recent work has examined representations of reproduction and birth in digital games and virtual worlds. Dr. Cruikshank has developed a number of research projects and new course offerings to advance the academic study of digital games locally, and is the founder and director of the Games and Culture Research Group at UNB.

Courses taught

  • MAAC 1001: Understanding Media I
  • MAAC/WLCS 2021: Popular Culture
  • MAAC 3055: Women and Media
  • MAAC 3085: Television Studies
  • MAAC 3095: Digital Games Studies
  • MAAC 3401: Digital Culture