Suzanne Hindmarch

Associate Professor


Political Science

Tilley Hall 217

1 506 443 3906

Other titles

Director of Graduate Studies

Suzanne Hindmarch's research sits at the intersection of international relations, critical security studies, and global public health.

She is primarily interested in the processes through which health, disease and other social policy problems come to be seen in security terms, and the consequences that this has for health, security, and implicated populations and regions. She is additionally interested in the position of the global South (especially Africa) in international relations theory and practice.

Her recently published book, Securing Health: HIV and the Limits of Securitization, evaluates the origins and impact of international efforts to position HIV as a security threat. Her current SSHRC-funded project explores how sovereignty is negotiated in and through global health governance efforts to address anti-microbial resistance (AMR).

Dr. Hindmarch teaches courses on international relations, comparative politics, and global health politics. She is also a faculty member in the International Development Studies program.

Dr. Hindmarch holds a PhD in Political Science (Toronto), an MA in International Development Studies (Dalhousie) and a BA in Political Science (Alberta). Prior to becoming a professor, she worked in the federal civil service, and in community-based AIDS service organizations.