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Studying outside the classroom


Open entry online courses are offered as part of the Open Access Learning Program (OALP) and are managed by the College of Extended Learning (CEL) at UNB Fredericton.

OALP courses are a self-paced independent academic courses for students who want to continue their formal education but can't attend conventional classroom-based learning because of distance, family, or employment commitments.

Full-time students

CEL cannot enroll full-time students in OALP courses without the Faculty of Arts' consent which consists of students completing the Open Entry Course Advisor Approval Form and forwarding it to

Approval is not always guaranteed. If permission is granted, it's important to realize these courses are subject to a cut-off date for registration and may be subject to be completed within a single term.

How to apply

See open entry online courses. Update your Self-Tracking Degree Audit (STDA) and submit it with the Undergraduate Advisor Approval form to

Part-time students

Part-time students might also have trouble attending traditional classroom-based courses. OALP courses can serve as an acceptable alternative for you to stay on track with your program. CEL cannot enroll part-time students without the Faculty of Arts' prior written consent which consists of students completing the Open Entry Course Advisor Approval Form and forwarding it to

Outside of UNB

Faculty of Arts students who would like to take courses at another university for credit towards their program must obtain a formal Letter of Permission. This comes from the UNB Saint John Registrar's Office in advance of your studies.

Half of your BA degree (minimum 20 term-courses) and half of the BA/BEd program (minimum 26 term-courses overall and 8 ED courses) must be taken at this University. As well, the final year of study (minimum 10 term-courses for BA students and 12 term-courses for BA/BEd students) must be taken at this University.

Letter of permission approval process

  • Update your Self-Tracking Degree Audit (STDA) and have your Faculty Advisor review it.
  • Submit your STDA and the course information to for review. Course information includes the university name, course identifier, number, title (ie: Athabasca University - PSYC 375 History of Psychology) as well as the course outline.
  • Your request will be reviewed  and you will receive an email with the results.

If approved, the information will be sent to the Registrar's Office who will write an official letter of permission and send it to the university on your behalf. The letter of permission will state the minimum grade required to let the course transfer back to your BA or BA/BEd at UNB Saint John. A copy of the Letter of Permission will be sent to your UNB email, so it's important to be checking your UNB email daily.