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Faculty of Arts
UNB Saint John

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Faculty of Arts departments

The Faculty of Arts is made up of three departments:

Students in our 12 programs take courses from multiple departments, allowing them to go beyond the boundaries of just one discipline and develop new ways of understanding and relating to their world.

History & Politics

The Department of History & Politics offers history and political science programs. History students have an opportunity to acquire specialized knowledge of the past through courses on Canadian, Latin American, and United States history, or through courses in European (including British) and Ancient history. Political science students analyze how and why governments make the decisions they do, and look at the impact of those decisions on citizens and social groups, as well as on the business and larger global communities.

Humanities & Languages

The Department of Humanities & Languages offers programs in comparative literature, English literature, French, linguistics, philosophy and Spanish.

Social Science

The Department of Social Science is home to programs that examine the forces that influence how societies are organized, how they are structured and how they change in sociology, gender studies, and information & communication studies. The department also coordinates the concurrent Bachelor of Education degree.