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Certificate in Applied Human Resources Management

The Certificate in Applied Human Resource Management program is designed to provide broad theoretical and practical knowledge consistent with the competencies recognized by many HR professional associations and employers.

Students planning to pursue additional professional certification will be encouraged to consult appropriate HR professional bodies and faculty advisors who can help ensure appropriate alignment of academic preparation and certification requirements.

The program curriculum mirrors the HR-related content of UNB Fredericton's BBA Honours in Human Resources Management. Certificate students who apply to and are accepted into the BBA program offered by the Faculty of Management can take their credits with them.


Admission requires prior approval from the Faculty of Management and satisfaction of the following criteria:

  • 30 credit hours completed at a recognized post-secondary institution with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.7, or
  • A minimum of two years relevant work experience, in the human resource field, to be approved on an individual basis by the Dean in consultation with the Human Resources Management faculty.


A Certificate in Applied Human Resources Management will be awarded to those who achieve a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 over the 30 credit hours required, and successfully complete 30 credit hours (with a C or better) as follows:

  • ADM 1192 | Business Planning and Entrepreneurship (3 credit hours)
  • ADM 1513 | Organizational Behaviour (3)
  • ADM 2815 | Human Resources Management (3)
  • ADM 3875 | Labour Relations (3)
  • ADM 4815 | Training and Development (3)
  • ADM 4825 | Compensation Management (3)
  • ADM 4857 | Human Resources Selection Systems (3)

You'll also need nine credit hours of electives from:

  • ADM 4526
  • ADM 4826
  • ADM 4827
  • ADM 4828
  • ADM 4835
  • ADM 4845
  • ADM 4856
  • ADM 4878
  • ADM 4895
  • ECON 3724

Pathway to the CPHR Designation

The faculty of management has an accreditation agreement with CPHR New Brunswick, graduates of the Certificate in Applied Human Resources Management program, who wish to obtain the CPHR designation, will be conditionally eligible to waive writing the National Knowledge Exam. This also applies to alumni of the program who have graduated within the last five years.

In addition to all general Calendar Requirements for the Certificate in Applied Human Resources Management at UNB Fredericton, students must take the following prescribed program (with a Cumulative GPA of B-) to be eligible for the NKE Waiver:

ADM 1192 (Business Planning and Entrepreneurship)*
ADM 2513 (Organizational Behaviour)
ADM 2815 (Human Resources Management)
ADM 3875 (Labour Relations)
ADM 4815 (Training and Development)
ADM 4825 (Compensation Management)
ADM 4827 (Workplace Health and Safety)
ADM 4845 (Human Resources Planning)
ADM 4857 (Human Resources Selection Systems)

Plus one additional recognized HR elective.

*Please note:  Prior to September 2019, students were required to take ADM 1113.  Starting Fall 2019, they had a choice of ADM 1015 or ADM 1192. Beginning Fall 2020 only ADM 1192 is an option, as ADM 1015 and ADM 1113 are no longer offered. All three of these courses are equivalent in meeting the assessed knowledge/competency requirements.

Learn more about CPHR NB’s Post-Secondary Institution Accreditation Program.