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Minor in Business

Experience the world of business. With a minor in business, you will learn how to make sound decisions and help your organization thrive.

In addition to learning the basics of business, you'll gain hands-on experience in many of our classes that will teach you how theory plays out in the real world.

Who can apply

Any student at UNB Fredericton who is not in the full-time BBA program can minor in business. Our courses will introduce you to the essentials of business, including:

  • Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing

Plus, you can focus your minor in an area of business that interests you most, with one of our pre-set packages:


Entrepreneurship is the ultimate business experience. You learn all the basics and how to use these to turn a great idea into reality. If you work for an existing company or organization, these skills help you to recognize opportunities and take the business in a different direction.

General Business

This package teaches you the basics of business and how to use these to help organizations run efficiently and remain competitive.

International Business

If you are interested in working in different parts of the world, this package will teach you how to work with different cultures. Combine this package with UNB’s Student Abroad program to graduate with hands-on international experience.

Human Resources/Industrial Relations

If you see yourself involved in hiring the best people for the job, training them, and keeping them motivated, the human resources management package may be right for you.


Often called the “language of business,” accounting teaches you how to track and record financial transactions. Our accounting package will introduce you to the basics and general practices of accounting.


Finance is the “science of money management.” Completing the finance package will teach you the basics of investments, and financial markets and institutions, as well as practical skills to help you manage your own personal finances.


Learn how to recognize the unique characteristics of a product or service and communicate this to people who need them or are interested in them. Our package of marketing courses will help you craft marketing plans that reach the right buyers.

Professional Skills

A minor in business will help you gain professional skills that all employers look for in their employees, such as:
• Teamwork
• Professional communication
• Leadership
• Presenting
• Problem solving and decision making


• Complete 8 courses (24ch), including ADM1192 Business Planning and Entrepreneurship.
• Pre-set packages in various areas of study are provided, although you do not need to commit to a particular one.
• A grade of "C" or better is needed in every course.
• At least 12ch must be 3000 or 4000 level courses. 

How can I apply?

Visit Room 270 in Singer Hall, call us at (506) 451-6817, or email It is recommended to also speak with your home advisor about your intentions to minor in business, as some programs have specific requirements for the Business Minor.