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Faculty of Management
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Certificate programs

Our undergraduate certificate programs are designed for people who are interested in a career in administration or management and would like to expand their knowledge in the related subject areas.

Business Administration

Public Administration

Human Resources

Credits for the BBA program

The courses in our certificate programs are degree-credit courses, so if you later apply to and are accepted into the BBA program you can take your course credits with you.


  1. A maximum of 12 credit hours or the equivalent normally may be transferred from another degree, certificate or similar program taken elsewhere.
  2. Each student seeking admission to a certificate program must receive the prior approval of the Faculty of Management. The certificate programs are not necessarily designed for completion in one year. There may be variations with course offerings and prerequisites.
  3. A certificate may be awarded to a student enrolled in a UNB degree program other than the BBA degree. Students who have withdrawn from the BBA degree program may apply for the appropriate certificate.
  4. To earn a certificate, a student must have successfully completed the number of credit hours in approved courses specified for the certificate, and achieved a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0.
  5. There is no minimum age and there are no specific prerequisites for entrance into a Level I Certificate Program in Business Administration or in Public Administration. Successful completion of a Level I Certificate is the prerequisite for entrance into a Level II Certificate Program. Although there are no specific entrance requirements for this program, students are expected to undertake university-level study and assignments demanded in degree-credit courses. Some courses, such as Finance, Computer Science and Business Statistics, may require knowledge of high school mathematics.
  6. The Certificate Program in Applied Human Resources Management requires approval for entrance from the Faculty of Management and applicants must meet specific admission criteria.
  7. The normal pre-requisites for ADM 2623 will be waived for candidates in the certificate programs.