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Student analysts

The Fraser Student Venture Fund invests in companies in exchange for company equity, as an experiential component of the (6ch) MBA6188/ADM4190 Venture Assessment course.

  • We assess real NB-based companies for real investment opportunities.
  • Classroom learning centers around industry practices for validating business value, identifying potential risks, and developing mitigation strategies for dealing with them.
  • Industry experts add value to course delivery through guest lectures and due diligence mentorship.
  • MBA 6188/ADM4190 is taught by the investment team of the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation, New Brunswick’s leading venture capital organization

Up to 20 students from both the MBA and BBA program are able to participate as student analysts each academic year.

BBA and MBA students interested in participating as Student Analysts can contact the International Business & Entrepreneurship Centre

"This has been one of my favourite courses I have been able to take part in during my academic journey. The ability to build theoretical knowledge on venture financing while interacting with real-life entrepreneurs is a sensational class design that leads to quality learning experiences." Sam Malone (BBA '21)

"From listening to the company pitch to putting together the invesment term sheet - it's been an experience I will never forget. You only expect to get this type of experience working for an actual venture capital firm." Fazley Chowdhury (MBA '21)