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Venture Analyst Leadership Program

Activator Program

Hands-on experience, entrepreneurial focus

In the Venture Analyst Leadership Program, you work with an actual start-up venture and gain valuable real-world experience while you're on your way to earning a concentration in entrepreneurship. No matter what you want to do when you finish your degree, the leadership skills you build as a venture analyst will help you launch your career.

The Venture Analyst Program is coordinated by the International Business and Entrepreneurship Centre and acts as an extension to the Concentration in Venture Commercialization, Scaling, and Investment. Students in their second year of an MBA program are eligible to apply. Students in their final year of the BBA may also be invited to apply.

Lead a team, create a business plan

If you are selected to be a Venture Analyst, at the beginning of the year you'll be matched up with a venture. In each of the courses you take for the concentration, you will lead a team of students to create a business plan, search out market opportunities, find start-up funds and complete a venture analysis.

Additionally, throughout the year you will have the opportunity to meet with industry experts, seasoned entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who will help mentor you and your venture along the way.

Venture Analyst courses

Venture Assessment

In the six credit hour Venture Assessment course you will work with our partners at the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF) to assess startups in their portfolio to determine if they are investment ready.

Additionally, you will analyze and deliberate over applications from UNB-led startups to recommend up to two real cash investments each year from the Fraser Student Venture Fund.

Students can apply to be a Venture Analyst Leader at the end of the first year in the MBA Program (or year three of the BBA).