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The Fraser Student Venture Fund invests in companies in exchange for company equity.

Our student investors seek highly scalable, early-stage companies, lead by driven and innovative founders on a mission to bring their business to the global market. Working with the FSVF offers companies a unique opportunity to explore the raise process in an encouraging environment, where growth, development, and venture capital literacy are both the goals of the company and the students.

Together, we are passionate about creating an environment which fosters innovation and collaboration between the top students and entrepreneurial talent our province has to offer. 

Portfolio Companies

James Stewart, CEO


Jan. 2021 | Troj AI is developing solutions to protect artificial intelligence platforms from adversarial attacks on training data and AI models, such a poisoning or embedded Trojan and evasion attacks. Focused on computer vision platforms, their secure SaaS service also includes a forensically tracked archival repository system to provide customers with a complete solution for peace of mind AI security and brand protection.

One of 10 companies selected, Troj AI recently completed the TechStars Montreal AI accelerator program, and has been named one of 7 "Atlantic Canada start-ups to watch" by betakit. 

Norm Couturier, President & CEO


Jan. 2020 | Operating within the 3D Aerial Image Fusion industry, 3D Planeta's software provides the next generation of 3D imaging and terrain visualization. Using deep expertise in image fusion, their online platform brings 3D maps to conventional computers and devices, showing users what view-lanes would be available if they were on the ground. This allows military tactical field operators to be better able to assess terrain, structures, and objects of interest more quickly and with greater accuracy than ever before. 

"From listening to the company pitch to putting together the invesment term sheet - it's been an experience I will never forget. You only expect to get this type of experience working for an actual venture capital firm." Fazley Chowdhury (MBA '21)
Interested in scheduling a pitch? Contact: srankin1@unb.ca