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Course registration - returning students

The first date that returning students can register for 2021/2022 courses is March 15, 2021. Summer term course registration begins March 1, 2021.

Please take the time to review the helpful information below, including 'How to register' for your courses on-line, 'Important to Note' and 'Course Information'. Please follow your own personal student record sheet. Requirements may change from year to year but you are responsible for completing the requirements from the year you began your degree program, as listed on your personal student record sheet. 

How to Register

Step 1: Request your personal up-to-date student record sheet from your academic advisor, via email Brandi Cameron, (year 1 & 2 students) and Jaime Campbell, (year 3 and beyond).

Step 2: Feel free to print a copy of the blank timetable to use as your worksheet.

Step 3: READ the faculty policies which will affect your course planning, e.g. the number of 3000/4000 level KIN/RSS courses you need to graduate. It is your responsibility to review this document and make your course selections based on faculty policy.

Step 4: Consult your student record sheet (from Step 1) to determine which required courses and electives you need.

Step 5: Access UNB timetable to view course offerings. (If you have trouble accessing the UNB Timetable from this link, try link at bottom of this page.) You may also wish to download the faculty timetable which lists courses by time and day. This is where a blank timetable can be useful for peniclling in your own schedule.

Step 6: Register through your on-line portal and print your timetable (where possible) for future reference.

Step 7: If you followed Steps 1-6 and would like more assistance with course selection and registration, or have questions related to your academic plan, you may contact your academic advisors, Brandi Cameron or Jaime Campbell, via email. Meetings via Teams are also possible. Simply email Brandi or Jaime with your request, including your student number and a few times that could work for you.

Important to Note


March 31, 2021
  • RSS 2223 - Community Development - You may notice there are two sections for this class. Note, both sections will be taught by Dr. Oncescu, both have the same number of seats, and both will be provided the same curricular content. The only planned difference is the day on which the in-person lecture takes place (Monday for Section 1A and Wednesday for section 2A). Since the overall class size is anticipated to be greater than our classrooms can hold, splitting the class into sections provides an opportunity for an in-person experience for all students in this class. You may register for either section.
  • Courses outside the Faculty-
    • If you notice other required courses, or electives outside the Faculty, with a class capacity of 0 but waitlisting is possible, please waitlist for now. Given that all Faculties are working to come up with the best plan for teaching in Fall Term, with students in mind, waitlisting for now is suggested.
      If choosing another elective is possible in your case, it would be advised to register now, just in case space does not become available in your section or elective of choice. If space becomes available before classes begin and you are moved to a class from a waitlist, you may then adjust your schedule accordingly.

Course changes. (Credit cannot be received for both courses, where a number change, title change or credit hour change was made.)

  • KIN 2062 Introductory Biomechanics pre-requisite change. Successful completion (C or above) of BIOL 1711, MATH 1003 and MATH 1503 are required in advance of taking KIN 2062 (FA/2021)
  • KIN 3061 Advanced Biomechanics changed from a 4ch lecture plus lab course to 3ch lecture only (FA/2021)
  • KIN 3282 Physical Activity, Health and Wellness title changed to Physical Activity and Public Health (FA/2021)
  • KIN 3202 Mindfulness and Health is replacing KIN 3202 Movement Awareness. Credit cannot be received for KIN 3202 and RSS 4097 Mindfulness and Health. (FA/2020)
  • RSS 1061 Recreation and Sport Delivery Systems change to RSS 2061, same title. (FA/2020)
  • KIN 3061 Advanced Biomechanics pre-requisite added. C grade or better in KIN 2062 and Math 1503 is required. (FA 2019)
  • KIN 3252 Functional Human Anatomy change to KIN 2252, same title. (FA/2019)
  • KIN 4282 Exercise Prescription for Health & Well-being change to KIN 3201 Exercise Prescription. (FA/2019)
  • KIN 2160 Laboratory Methods in Kinesiology change to KIN 1160, same title. (FA/2018)
  • RSS 2081 Health & Wellness I change to RSS 1081 Health & Wellness. (FA/2018)
  • RSS 4223 Community Development change to RSS 2223, same title (FA/2018)

Courses not offered in the 2021/2022 academic year. Any student who plans to graduate in May or October 2022, who has not yet completed the course(s) below as part of their degree option (as indicated), may connect with their academic advisor, Jaime Campbell, to discuss options.

  • RSS 4063 Strategies for Health Promotion (BRSS Wellness)

BRSS Students

 A 2-day conference and report is a requirement for all BRSS students. This can be completed any time prior to taking RSS 4092 Senior Integrative Course. Please see BRSS Conference requirement details and Conference Approval Form below for more details.

BScKin Students

BIOL 2812 - Human Anatomy II is no longer a requirement of the BScKin degree as of Fall 2019. As such, BScKin students will replace this course with a 3000/4000 level elective (4ch) of choice. 

KIN 1160 - Laboratory Methods in Kinesiology, lab sections, if cancelled due to weather, will be held on Fridays (at the same time as your usual KIN 1160 lab) in winter term. Therefore, keep this time available.

Course Information and Forms