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Course registration

The first date that you can register for 2018/2019 courses is March 19, 2018. Summer term course registration began March 1, 2018.

Courses may fill quickly, so try to register early to avoid disappointment. Please take the time to review the helpful information below, including 'How to register' for your courses on-line. Please follow your own student record sheet. Updated copies are available in the Kinesiology Office. 

Course information

Important to note:

Course changes beginning Fall 2018. Credit cannot be received for both courses.
RSS 2081 Health & Wellness I will change to RSS 1081 Health & Wellness
KIN 2160 Laboratory Methods in Kinesiology will change to KIN 1160, same title.

KIN 3041 Disability Awareness will now be offered in Fall 2018 (June 12, 2018)

KIN 4082 (3ch) Advanced Exercise Physiology will no longer have a lab component, only lecture.

KIN 5282 (4ch) Advanced Exercise Prescription for High Performance, new lab course.

BRSS students

First-year BRSS students must choose their option by completing the steps on the BRSS degree selection form before March 16, 2018.

Activity/Movement course options - RSS 3042 Physical Literacy & Education M 4:00-6:50pm Fall term, RSS 3043 Coaching Pedagogy & Teaching TTH 8:30-9:50am Winter term; RSS 4096 Mindfulness in Kinesiology I 2:30-3:50pm Fall term, RSS 4097 Mindfulness in Kinesiology II 2:30-3:50pm Winter term. See NEW courses above for RSS 4096/4097 course descriptions.

RSS 3223 is no longer a required course for BRSS Education Preparation students. Students who have not yet taken RSS 3223 will need to select a 3/4000 level KIN or RSS elective to replace the 3 credit hours.

BIOL 1782: BRSS students taking BIOL 1782 - Human Physiology (1B) will choose the 8:30am section on TTH in the winter term. The 11:30 section (2B) is for BScKin students only. However, third year, BRSS transfer students who are taking RSS 3043 may enroll in the 11:30 section (2B).

BScKIN students

KIN 2093 will not be offered in 2018/2019. First year, BScKin students will choose one of RSS 1081 or RSS 1042.

BScKin students taking BIOL 1782 - Human Physiology (2B) will choose the 11:30 section on TTH in the winter term. The 8:30 section (1B) is for BRSS students only.

KIN 1160 - Laboratory Methods in Kinesiology, lab sections, if cancelled due to weather, will be held on Fridays (at the same time as your usual KIN 1160 lab) in winter term. Therefore, keep this time available.

How to register

Step 1: Pick up your personal up-to-date student record sheet from the KIN Office KIN 355, KIN Building, or request a copy via email

Step 2: Print a copy of the blank timetable to use as your worksheet.

Step 3: Print a copy of the faculty policies which will affect your course planning, e.g. the number of 3000/4000 level KIN/RSS courses you'll need. It is your responsibility to review the document and make your course selections based on the faculty policy.

Step 4: Consult your student record sheet (from Step 1) to determine which required courses you need.

If you need help making course selections, or determining if you have the prerequisites you need, and are meeting your degree requirements, please contact your academic advisor or

Step 5: Access the course timetable and start penciling in your courses on your blank timetable. You may also wish to download the faculty timetable which lists courses by time and day.

Step 6: Register through your on-line portal and print your timetable for future reference. If you have difficulties using the online registration system, please contact the Help Desk at IT Services, 453-5199.