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Kinesiology Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors

Our peer mentors are upper year BRSS & BScKin students who volunteer to help you transition from high school or college to university life at UNB. These students are available to support you throughout your first year and beyond.

“Aside from having top notch instructors and a small faculty that encourages collaboration and team work, the UNB Kinesiology faculty prides itself on being a family. Upper year students have no problem helping those that are new or having any issues at all. University is a big step in your lives so it is always nice to have a helping hand.”

Have questions for your 2022/2023 peer mentors? Please reach out!

Julia Campbell - BScKin, Year 4 Courtney Prosser - BScKin, Year 4
Kate Giberson - BScKin, Year 3 Sakr Razan - BScKin, Year 3
Connor Jones - BScKin, Year 4 Hannah Roberts - BScKin, Year 4
Molly Kennedy - BRSS, Year 4 Anmol Sharma - BScKin, Year 2
Andrew Luiker - BScKin, Year 4 Kaileigh Surrett - BScKin, Year 2
Mady McGuire - BScKin, Year 3 Amy Thomson - BScKin, Year 4
Shyanne Milburn - BRSS, Year 4 Alex Vadureanu - BScKin, Year 3

Email addresses can be found here or connect with your academic advisors at to make the connection.