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The Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management is one of the leading natural resources research centres in Canada. We are home to more than 40 active researchers and 80 graduate students. Our research partners include federal and provincial governments; the Canadian Space Agency, and the forest products industry.  

We have particular strength in the areas of soils and watershed management, forest biology and genetics, forest management, remote sensing,  fish and wildlife ecology, wood science and technology and the natural resource social sciences.

Research News

Armand LarocqueUNB Researcher Helps 15 Year Old Forgotten Mayan City 

A 15-year-old student from Quebec has discovered what could be the site of a lost Mayan city thanks to advice from a University of New Brunswick researcher. Armand LaRocque, a remote sensing expertat UNB, has helped William Gadoury prove his theory about the relationship between constellations and Mayan cities. Mr. Gadoury believed citizens built their towns under the constellations.

Tom Beckley Citizen Jury NB Citizen Jury on Energy

On Sunday, Oct. 3, a group of 12 randomly selected New Brunswickers created a vision for a future electrical energy system for the province. The group was part of the New Brunswick Electrical Energy Futures Jury, and the “jurors” were charged with representing the best interests of all New Brunswickers as they worked by consensus to create an electrical energy scenario for the 2040.

Street Tree Management PlanStreet Tree Management Plan City of Fredericton

There are 22,205 trees lining the streets of Fredericton. You can trust that number, because forestry students at the University of New Brunswick visited each and every one. Over the past two years, the graduating UNB forestry classes spent months in the field assembling a street tree inventory before devising a street tree management plan for the City of Fredericton.