Debbi Amirault Consultant MacLaggan Hall 228
Sarah Balcom Assistant Professor MacLaggan Hall 157
Maica Banquicio Financial Coordinator MacLaggan Hall 112
Mary Lou Batty Teaching Professor MacLaggan Hall 232
Madison Bell Clinical Outreach and Engagement Coordinator Office 102
Ollando Brown Education Technology Specialist Room 209
Ashley Bulley Teaching Professor
Dawn Burke Teaching Professor MacLaggan Hall 120B
David Busolo Assistant Professor Office 114
Lorna Butler Dean MacLaggan Hall 107
Kelly Day Associate Teaching Professor MacLaggan Hall 227
Pamela Durepos Assistant Professor MacLaggan Hall 163
Lindsay Fischer Clinical Outreach and Engagement Coordinator MacLaggan Hall 120
Rebecca Fullarton Associate Teaching Professor and Skills Lab Coordinator MacLaggan Hall 24
Beverly Gaudet Teaching Professor and Student Navigator MacLaggan Hall 29
Grace Anne Getty Honorary Research Associate and Professor Emerita MacLaggan Hall 12A
Mary-Lee Gilliss Associate Teaching Professor Office 120
Renée Gordon Teaching Professor Office 108
Shelley Havens-Mills Assistant Teaching Professor Office 111
Angelina Heer Nutsihpiluwewicik Director MacLaggan Hall 9
Jason Hickey Associate Professor and CIHR Indigenous Research Chair MacLaggan Hall 112
Marilyn Hodgins Professor MacLaggan Hall 208
Megan Huckins Assistant Teaching Professor MacLaggan Hall 161
Shyanne Irek Associate Teaching Professor Office 115
Nicole Irving Teaching Professor MacLaggan Hall 231
Lori Jackson Executive Assistant to the Dean MacLaggan Hall 106
Alicia Jones Programs and Operations Coordinator Office 101
Alisha Keough Teaching Professor MacLaggan Hall 102B
Joan Kingston Hon. Joan Kingston New Brunswick Senate of Canada Victoria bldg, room 204
Don Leidl Assistant Professor Office 117
Grant Logan Level 1 Computer Support MacLaggan Hall 121
Ruth Lue Assistant Teaching Professor MacLaggan Hall 224
Chevelle Malcolm Clinical Outreach and Engagement Coordinator MacLaggan Hall 119
Jeannie Malcolm Research Coordinator MacLaggan Hall 109
Beth McAllister Assistant Teaching Professor Office 119
Ali McGill Assistant Professor, UNB Preceptor MacLaggan Hall 51
Julia McKeown Admn Assistant UNB-Humber Collaborative MacLaggan Hall 115E
Patricia Morris Lecturer MacLaggan Hall 163
Lynn Nagle Director, Digital Health and Virtual Learning MacLaggan Hall 220
Sue O'Donnell Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies MacLaggan Hall 115C
Dionne Oliver Administrative Assistant, Graduate Program MacLaggan Hall 115A
Elizabeth Pavlovic Assistant Teaching Professor, Nurse Practitioner Office 121
Martha Paynter Assistant Professor MacLaggan Hall 154
Amy Reid Assistant Teaching Professor MacLaggan Hall 160
Emily Richard Associate Professor, Associate Dean - Moncton Office 106
Tracey Rickards Associate Professor, Nurse Manager FDCHC MacLaggan Hall 207
Kelly Scott-Storey Assistant Dean 4 Year Undergraduate Program and UNB-Humber Collaborative MacLaggan Hall 118A
Jasleen Sethi Research Assistant Office 159
Fran Seymour Teaching Professor MacLaggan Hall 52
Rachel Storr Public Engagement Officer Office 204
Petrea Taylor Associate Professor Office 140
Nancy Theriault Assistant Teaching Professor Office 139
Heidi Robinson Teaching Professor MacLaggan Hall 229
Karen Ursel Teaching Professor, Clinical Strategist Office 118
Stephen VanSlyke Teaching Professor MacLaggan Hall 155
Charlene Vincent Research Assistant Office 109
Jessica Webster Teaching Professor MacLaggan Hall 223
Pam Wiebe Undergraduate Program Assistant MacLaggan Hall 118B
Claire Williams Acting Associate Dean , Associate Teaching Professor Office 112
Hayley Wilson Assistant Teaching Professor Office 122
Judith Wuest Professor Emerita MacLaggan Hall 32