Martha Paynter

Assistant Professor

Nursing, Faculty of

MacLaggan Hall 154

1 506 453 4878

Other titles

Coordinator, Mental Health Certificate
Faculty Liaison, Forensic Nursing Certificate


  • PhD (Nursing), Dalhousie University 2022
  • MSc (Health Research Methodology), McMaster University 2007
  • MDE (Development Economics), Dalhousie University 2004
  • BScN (Nursing), Dalhousie University 2017
  • BA (Art History and Economics), McGill University 2001

Areas of interest

  • Abortion
  • Prisoner Health
  • Abolition Feminism

Funded research grants

1. Principal Investigator. Queering Doula Training and Practice in Nova Scotia. Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women. Co-investigators: MacIntosh, C., Martin-Misener, R., Matheson, L. ($2,000; 2022-2023).

2. Principal Investigator. Queering Doula Training and Practice in Nova Scotia. 2022-Dalhousie University Nursing Research Fund. Co-investigators: MacIntosh, C., Martin-Misener, R., Matheson, L. ($5,000; 2022-2023).

3. Co-investigator. Storytelling about Options and Reproductive access for Youth (The STORY Project): A Pan-Canadian Integrated Knowledge Translation Study to Improve Contraception Health Services. CIHR. Nominated PI: Sarah Munro. Co-investigators: Wendy Norman, Giuseppina Di Meglio. Co-Applicants: S. Barbic, S. Begun, A. Black, M. Brooks, C. Davies, Z. Khan, R. Martin-Misener, S. Meherali, M. Paynter, S. Scott, K. Wahl, G. Webster. ($980,000; 2022-2025).

4. co-Principal Investigator. Honouring Voices and Visions: Illuminating Incarcerated Indigenous Women’s Sexual, Reproductive and Maternal-Child Health and Wellness. CIHR. Nominated PI: Jennifer Leason. Principal Applicants: Dr. Jamie Cidro, Dr. Fiona Kouyoumdjian, Martha Paynter, Dr. Jessica Jurgutis. Co-Applicants: Dr. Chelsea Gabel, Dr. Nicole Catherine, Dr. Robert Henry, Dr. Jessica Liauw, Robin F. Hansen. ($500,000; 2022-2025).

5. Principal Investigator. Fostering mother child connection in provincial incarceration. Mi’kmaw Family Healing Centre. Co-investigators: Martin-Misener, R., McCarthy, J., Bower, L., Halpern, E., MacEachern, D., Marshall, P. $2,000.

6. Co-Investigator. How Does Parental Incarceration in the Canadian Context Create Higher Risk Factors for the Future Incarceration of their Children? Health law Institute. Nominated PI: Mucina, D. ($3,300; 2020-2021).

7. Principal Investigator. Reproductive (In)Justice and Federal Incarceration: Maternal Health in Canadian Prisons. Canadian Women's Health Foundation. ($5,000; 2020-2021).

8. Co-Investigator. Planning research priorities to support the role of nurses in providing optimal medical abortion care. CIHR. Nominated PI: Norman, W. Co-investigators: Roussel, J., Martin-Misener, R., Begun, S., Bryant-Lukosius, D., Carson, A., Dunn, S., Guilbert, E.. ($10,000; 2019-2020).

9. Co-investigator. The CART Canadian Nurse Practitioner Mifepristone Implementation Study. Principal Investigators: Norman, W., Martin-Misener, R., Roussel, J. Co-Applicants: Brooks, M., Bryant-Lukosius, D., Davies, C., Dunn, S., Gill, R., Guilbert, E., Henry, B., Kaczorowski, J., Kendall, T., Kilpatrick, K., McGrail, K., McPherson, C., Munro, S., Paynter, M., Prodan-Bhalla, N., Rayner, J., Renner, R., Soon, J., Stroulia, E., Wagner, M-S. ($481,950.00; 2018-2021).