Martha Paynter

Assistant Professor

Nursing, Faculty of

MacLaggan Hall 154

1 506 453 4878

Other titles

Coordinator, Mental Health Certificate


  • PhD (Nursing), Dalhousie University 2022
  • MSc (Health Research Methodology), McMaster University 2007
  • MDE (Development Economics), Dalhousie University 2004
  • BScN (Nursing), Dalhousie University 2017
  • BA (Art History and Economics), McGill University 2001

Areas of interest

  • Abortion
  • Prisoner Health
  • Abolition Feminism

Funded research grants

1. 2024 Women’s Health Research Institute (BC) Catalyst Grant. Exploring trauma-informed technology design among marginalized populations seeking abortion care. PI: Abdul-Fatawu Abdulai. Co-Is: Wendy V. Norman, Stephanie Begun, Martha Paynter, Cam Minh Duong. $25,000.

2. 2023-2024 Women and Gender Equality (WAGE) Canada “Assessing the Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs, Access, and Outcomes of Incarcerated Women in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Prisons.” PI (1): Paynter. Co-I (4): Liauw, Edwards, Kouyoumdjian. Women and Gender Equality Canada $40,000.

3. 2023-2024 CIHR Project Grant “The CART How Far is Too Far Study: Creating an evidence base for safe provision of abortion among people living far from emergency services"

PIs: (4) Norman, Henry, Munro, Schummers; Co-Is: (16) Dunn, Mazza, Cameron, Gemzell-Daniellson, Cleeve, Godfrey, Begun, Darling, Paynter, Brooks, Pymar, Monchalin, Bingham, Abdulai, Gill, Stroulia, Martin-Misener. $100,000.

4. 2023-2024 Harrison McCain Young Scholars Award, UNB. PI: Paynter. $17,000.

5. 2023-2024 MITACS Accelerate Internship. PI: Paynter. $5000, with matching funds from Wellness Within of $5000.

6. 2023-2024 Contraception and Abortion Research Team (CART). Seed Grant. Abortion and contraceptive care in undergraduate and graduate nursing curricula in Canada. $1,000. PI: Paynter.

7. 2023-2027 CIHR. National Women’s Health Res. Init.:Pan-Can. Women’s Health Coa. - Hubs. Improving pregnancy and reproductive health of people experiencing incarceration in Canada by mobilizing knowledge with community partners. $710,504. PIs (4): Dr. Jessica Liauw, Dr. Martha Paynter, Dr. Jennifer Hutcheon, Toni Sinclair. co-Is (6): Ms. A. Cavanagh, Dr. F. Kouyoumdjian, Dr. K. McLeod, Ms. L. Morris, Dr. E. Nethery, Dr. L. Schummers, S. Tessier. Collaborators: Wellness Within, Elizabeth Fry Society of Edmonton, Coverdale Justice Society.

8. 2023-2024 IWK Health Centre Obstetrics & Gynaecology Clinical Research Award Endowment fund $17,421. PI: Dr. Melissa Brooks, Dr. Sarah Munro. Co-Investigators: Kate Wahl, Dr. Logan Treneman, Dr Martha Paynter, Romy Seagall, Laura Davidson, Dr.Wendy Norman

9. 2023-2024 New Brunswick Innovation Foundation. Research Professional Grant. $60,000. PA: Paynter.

10. 2023 New Brunswick Health Research Foundation. Summer Studentship. $6648.

11. 2023-2024. Health Canada Sexual and Reproductive Health Fund. The CART Access Project: Advancing access to abortion for under-served populations through tools for healthcare professionals and people seeking care. NPA: Norman. PAs: Munro, Abdulai, Begun, Paynter. $3.8 million.

12. 2023-2024 CIHR Operating Grant. Estimating the number of children who experience parental incarceration and describing their health status using linked whole population data for five Canadian provinces: The CHIRP (Children with IncarceRated Parents) Study. NPA: Dr. Fiona Kouyoumdjian. PA: Dr. Martha Paynter. Amount: $74,988.