Programs of study are available leading to the degrees of Master of Science in Engineering (MScE), Master of Engineering (MEng), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Requirements for these degree programs are described by the Department of Civil Engineering. To apply for graduate studies with the University of New Brunswick Transportation Group, see the School of Graduate Studies.

The programs provide students with the maximum level of flexibility to tailor their studies in consultation with their supervisor or program advisor. Programs are intended to be as broadly based as possible with opportunities for interdisciplinary problem solving. Courses reflect the issues and analytic methods that relate to the various modes of transport. Students are encouraged to pursue courses offered by other faculties in transportation related disciplines.

While the program is based in the Department of Civil Engineering, students from a variety of backgrounds regularly enroll and succeed in the program. Students with backgrounds in Economics, Business, Commerce and Mathematics have successfully completed the program. Most full-time students will be enrolled in an MScE program which will be completed over a two-year period.

Course requirements are consistent with those described by the UNB School of Graduate Studies.