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Transportation Engineering

Although Transportation Engineering is a sub-discipline within Civil Engineering, it is a very broad area that deals with the planning, design, operation, and maintenance of all forms of transportation.

While the primary focus tends to be on the road mode, civil engineers can get involved in all other modes including rail systems, airports, marine ports and pipelines. The overall goal is to use scientific and technological principles to enhance mobility, safety, efficiency of the transportation network. This can include gaining a better understanding of driver safety, road sign performance, or maximizing pavement life.

UNB Transportation Group

Two graduate programs are offered in the transportation engineering field:

Transportation and Planning Program

Related courses

Note: Not all courses are offered in any one year

  • CE 6203 (3 ch) Transportation Planning and Modeling
  • CE 6212 (3 ch) Pavement Design
  • CE 6214 (1.5 ch) Transport Simulation
  • CE 6215 (3 ch) GIS-Transportation
  • CE 6222 (3 ch) Traffic Engineering
  • CE 6223 (3 ch) Road Safety Engineering
  • CE 6232 (3 ch) Transport Facility Design
  • CE 6234 (1.5 ch) Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • CE 6241 (3 ch) Infrastructure Asset Management
  • CE 6245 (1.5 ch) Transport Operations and Logistics
  • CE 6281 (1.5 ch) Transportation Policy
  • CE 6293 (3 ch) Transportation Seminar
  • ECON 6805 (3 ch) Transportation Economics
  • GGE 5813 (3 ch) (3c) [W] Urban Planning for Geomatics
  • GGE 5842 (3 ch) (2C 3L) Site Planning for Geomatics

Highway Construction and Pavement Engineering

The graduate program in highway and pavement engineering is intended to develop, beyond the undergraduate level, specialized pavement engineering and research skills that are required to function in mid-cadre and senior managerial capacity in highway departments, consulting and contracting industry.

The general objective of the graduate program is to strengthen a graduate engineer with an advanced exposure to research, design and management of highway, transportation and pavement facilities, with a particular emphasis on:

  • Pavement design and construction technologies
  • Infrastructure/asset management systems
  • Transportation and Highway economics
  • Construction / Engineering materials
  • The entrepreneurship and management challenges in the new public-private partnership environment
  • Engineering research design and management
  • Environmental aspects of highway construction
  • Construction and project management
  • Transport system planning and management

Related courses

  • CE 6133 (3 ch) Soil Dynamics
  • CE 6143 (3 ch) Pavement Design II
  • CE 6503 (3 ch) Concrete Materials
  • CE 6543 (3 ch) Deterioration of Materials
  • CE 6553 (3 ch) Pavement Materials
  • CE 6603 (3 ch) Construction: Work Improvement
  • CE 6623 (3 ch) Construction: Organization
  • CE 6633 (3 ch) Construction: Scheduling

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