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Construction Engineering & Management

The construction and management of an engineering project is a very complex process. Construction engineering and management covers the building of projects in all areas of industry, government and the private sector. The increasing complexity of the construction process requires very high levels of engineering and management skills.

The planning, designing, managing, building, and maintenance of facilities today require a higher level of sophistication and expertise than ever before. Many capable professional engineers are not filling high level managerial appointments in the construction industry because of a lack of management education and experience. It is for this reason that the Construction Engineering and Management graduate program was initiated within the Department of Civil Engineering in the 1950's by Professor R.H.B. McLaughlin.

The program has been designed to fulfil the needs of engineers to advance their knowledge on specific engineering and technical topics and also to provide a sound background in construction management.

The M. Patrick Gillin Chair in Construction Engineering and Management was established in 1987 through the generosity of Dr. Gillin. A major component of this endowed Chair is to provide students with a better opportunity to prepare for careers in construction engineering and management and to create an industry-university liaison.

Current research

Research within the Construction Engineering and Management Group is centered around improving the performance of the construction industry through the appropriate adoption and implementation of information and communication technologies to support the management process. Current and more recent research projects fall under three interrelated themes:

  • Measuring Industry Performance
    • Assessing the maturity of industry management practices
    • Benchmarking industry performance and productivity
  • Advanced Information and Communication Technologies
    • Virtual and augmented reality technologies
    • Interactive and collaborative technologies
    • Mobile computing for on-site applications
  • Adoption of Management and Technological Innovations
    • Knowledge and information management practices
    • Risk and sustainability management practices
    • Assessment of industry innovation

Related courses

Note: Not all courses are offered in any one year.

  • CE 6603 (3 ch) Construction: Work Improvement
  • CE 6623 (3 ch) Construction: Organization
  • CE 6633 (3 ch) Construction: Scheduling
  • CE 6643 (3 ch) Construction: Management
  • CE 6653 (3 ch) Construction: Information Technology
  • CE 6693 (3 ch) Construction: Selected Topics

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